Selecting a training provider

Purchasing training is just like any other procurement for your business. Shopping around will help you get the best option at the best price.

Use the Victorian Skills Gateway to develop a shortlist of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in your business area, industry speciality or location.

Contact the RTOs and ask for a quote from each based on your training plan. Ask if they can provide training tailored to your specific needs.

Compare your quotes, assess your options and negotiate a price as you would with any purchase.

When it comes to choosing an RTO, cost will be important but you will also want to consider other factors. How experienced is the RTO? How flexible are they? This checklist contains some common questions and lets you compare three training providers.​

When considering training providers you can review a list of training providers where funding has been terminated on the Department of Education and Training website.

The Australian Government My Skills website also has a search function to find statistical information, such as how students fare after they complete their training, and the demographics of students at a particular RTO.