Training for your business

Four steps to finding the right training

Purchasing training is just like any other procurement for your business. The Victorian training sector is a competitive market where you can shop around for maximum cost-effectiveness, flexibility and business fit.

  1. Review your current and future needs
  2. Shop around for the right product and negotiate a price
  3. Implement the training with employees
  4. Evaluate your purchase.


Before you go to a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), take some time to think about what training you need for your business and your workplace.

Review your business plan if you have one. Write down all the skills you need to deliver your business plan.  

Review your team’s current qualifications and experience and think about their current position descriptions.

Then, identify your team’s skill gaps and training needs. What skills do you need that your team doesn’t currently have?

Use this to write a training plan to take to training providers for a quote. Ask yourself:

  • Who needs training?
  • What training do they need?
  • When and where should the training be held?
  • Do my workers need language or literacy support or do they have other special needs?