Using this site

​Find quality training for a real job.

If you're new to the Victorian Skills Gateway, you'll want to use our step by step guide to get the most out of the site.

TAFE and training can kickstart your career, or create a pathway into university. We've got hundreds of courses listed across a broad network of TAFEs and other training providers. So follow our handy guide and let us put you on the right path.

Step 1: Paying for training

If you've been thinking about studying, but have been worried about the cost, it's worth having a look at our Fees, funding & financial support page to learn more about the different types of financial aid available to students. You can even check your eligibility for government-subsidised training at our Eligibility page.

Step 2: Thinking about job options

If you're just beginning to consider a career change, or still deciding on what to do after leaving school, it's worth checking out our Stories page and hearing from people working in all kinds of different jobs across the state.

Step 3: Planning for the future

If you want to make a decision on training based around your chances of employment after graduation, you should definitely have a look at the Jobs in demand. This will give you an indication of the jobs in Victoria that will offer higher chances of employment once you've completed training.

Step 4: Finding the facts about occupations

If you know what kind of occupation you're interested in, do a quick Search and check out handy information about salaries, training time and the kinds of tasks you'd be doing in that role.

Step 5: Explore course details

Once you know what course you need to study to get into an occupation, you can check out information about that course by doing a quick search. You will be able to compare different courses and find information about related jobs, entry requirements and training times.

Step 6: Comparing course providers

Now that you have your course, you can compare the different providers. After doing a search for the course you're interested in (or by selecting Find a provider from the course comparison), you can compare offerings amongst a network of TAFEs and other training providers. You'll find information on fees, locations, when to apply, and more.

Step 7: Getting in touch

Once you've decided on the course you want to study and the provider you want to study with, you can search for the provider​, then click to view their profile or simply select their details under Make an enquiry on the provider comparison page. Getting in touch with providers is an important step to finding out when enrolments start and what you'll need to apply. ​