Pathways to training

There are lots of ways to get into training courses – including options for people who don’t meet the traditional entry requirements. If there’s a course that you really want to do, but you don’t meet the entrance requirements there may be other ways to gain entry. Talk to an adviser at your chosen Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for assistance.

Study for the credits you need

You may find that you can study a different course first to gain the credits needed for entry into your first choice. RTO advisers will help you work this out. 

Many Learn Local organisations have courses with direct pathways into Certificate and Diploma courses at RTOs. Around half of Learn Local organisations are also RTOs themselves. They also specialise in delivering training designed to help students to gain confidence and the fundamental skills that will lead to further training opportunities and employment.

Recognition of Prior Learning

You can talk to your RTO about how your existing skills and experience might count towards a prerequisite qualification. This is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and more information can be found on this site.

Pathways to university

You may be able to use your TAFE or training qualification as a pathway to higher education at university. If you’re interested in doing this, check the entry requirements with the university you’d like to attend before you begin your training at an RTO.

Some RTOs also have formal partnerships with various Victorian universities, which can help make the transition from training to university more straightforward.

Talk to your RTO or university for more details.

You can find a list of Australian university contact details on the Australian Universities website or you can search the Australian Government website search the Australian Government website MyUniversity.