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A pre-apprenticeship is a great starting point if you want to try out work in a specific industry.

What is a pre-apprenticeship?

Pre-apprenticeships are not mandatory for entry into an occupation, but they help prepare you for a formal apprenticeship.

A pre-apprenticeship is tied to a Certificate II in your area of interest (e.g. Certificate II in Building and Construction), but you don’t need to have an employer to start the course.

You can complete a pre-apprenticeship at a training provider or, if you’re still at school, as part of your VCE of VCAL studies.

What are the benefits of doing a pre-apprenticeship?

Completing a pre-apprenticeship can help you assess whether you enjoy and are interested in a particular industry.

A pre-apprenticeship will give you a set of basic skills, or improve your existing skills, so if you decide to go ahead with a full apprenticeship you will be better equipped to succeed.

Having a completed pre-apprenticeship may also make you more attractive to potential employers by showing that you have a foundation of skills and a passion for the industry.

Some pre-apprenticeships can help reduce the length of a formal apprenticeship. This only applies to selected courses approved by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA). To find out if this applies to your pre-apprenticeship contact your training provider.

What kind of pre-apprenticeship can I do?

Check out our list of pre-apprenticeship courses offered in Victoria by TAFEs and private training providers. Courses are available across a range of employment categories.​