Becoming a Tour Guide
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Becoming a Tour Guide

Help & advice

Also known as Tour Escort, Tour Leader.
Escorts visitors on sightseeing, educational and other tours, and describes and explains points of interest.
Training time 5 months - 2 years
Average pay $35,882
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 600

What does a Tour Guide do?

  • meeting and greeting visitors
  • controlling visitors' access to exhibits
  • ensuring safety of collections
  • maintaining attendance records
  • planning and rearranging schedules and itineraries
  • planning, organising and conducting tours
  • arranging transportation and accommodation for visitors following planned itineraries
  • arranging entry to places of interest
  • answering questions, providing commentaries, issuing brochures and tour literature, showing audiovisual presentations, and explaining features and procedures at tour sites


  • Regional Guide

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