Becoming a Security Consultant
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Becoming a Security Consultant

Help & advice

Advises clients on security requirements, and recommends and designs security specifications. Registration or licensing may be required.
Training time 6 months
Average pay $75,764
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 200

What does a Security Consultant do?

  • patrolling property and checking doors, windows and gates for unauthorised entry
  • watching for irregularities such as fire hazards, malfunctions of machines and equipment, lights left on, leaking water pipes and unlocked security doors
  • issuing security passes to authorised visitors and giving directions
  • monitoring alarms and contacting supervisors, police and fire brigades by radio or phone if security is breached or fire is detected
  • picking up and ensuring the safe delivery of cash, payrolls and valuables
  • operating coin and currency counting machines, and carrying out cash counting and packaging functions
  • maintaining order at venues where there are large gatherings of people
  • conducting investigations for clients and preparing evidence for court proceedings
  • detecting and investigating theft and other unlawful acts carried out in retail establishments

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