Becoming a Waiter
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Becoming a Waiter

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Also known as Food and Beverage Attendant.
Serves food and beverages in a hotel, restaurant, club or dining establishment.
Training time 6 months - 4 years
Average pay $23,305
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 40,600

What does a Waiter do?

  • setting and arranging tables
  • greeting customers and presenting them with menus and beverage lists
  • taking orders and relaying them to kitchen and bar staff
  • serving food and beverages
  • opening bottles and pouring beverages
  • clearing tables and returning dishes and cutlery to kitchen
  • removing empty bottles and used glasses from tables, and refilling and replacing glasses
  • collecting payments for sales and operating point of sales machines and cash registers


  • Drink Waiter
  • Formal Service Waiter
  • Silver Service Waiter
  • Sommelier
  • Wine Steward