Becoming an Education Manager (other)
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Becoming an Education Manager (other)

Help & advice

Also known as Project Coordinator (Education), TAFE Registrar, University Registrar.
This occupation group covers Education Managers not elsewhere classified.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $84,609
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 3,900

What does an Education Manager (other) do?

  • coordinating the educational, administrative and financial affairs of an educational institution or department within the institution
  • researching, developing, implementing, reviewing and evaluating educational and administrative policy
  • liaising between educational institutions, parents and the wider community
  • providing advice on policy and procedures to staff and students
  • consulting with academic and administrative staff to coordinate educational programs
  • identifying and addressing present and future needs for student and staff development
  • researching educational systems and monitoring and evaluating new developments
  • researching and reporting on students' needs arising from curriculum implementation

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