Becoming a Dental Prosthetist
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Becoming a Dental Prosthetist

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Also known as Clinical Dental Technician.
Designs, constructs, repairs and fits dentures and mouthguards. Registration or licensing is required.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $76,039
Employment prospects Poor
Employment size 200

What license do I need to work as a Dental Prosthetist in Victoria?

To work as a Dental Prosthetist, you will need:
  • To be registered with the Dental Board of Australia

What does a Dental Prosthetist do?

  • Refers patients with more complex issues to a dentist or specialist dentist
  • Creats impressions of peoples' teeth to make customised dentures and mouthguards
  • Ensures the finished denture and mouthguards fit appropriately
  • Maintains and repairs existing dental prostheses
  • Educates patients on oral health hygiene techniques

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