Becoming a Shearer
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Becoming a Shearer

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Harvests wool from sheep using power-driven handpieces that are fitted with combs and cutters.

Training time 6 - 12 months
Average pay - No data available -
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 2,000

How do I become a Shearer in Victoria?

To work as a Shearer in Victoria, you'll need:

What does a Shearer do?

    • taking sheep from catching pens and holding firmly while shearing fleece in one piece
    • crutching sheep pre shearing and lambing
    • ensuring the wool is harvested with the least possible stress on the sheep and in accordance with strict animal welfare guidelines
    • identifying contaminated fibre and injured animals, and treating skin cuts
    • returning shorn sheep to let-out pens for counting and checking
    • shearing stud animals with hand shears or special combs
    • cleaning and sharpening combs and cutters (may service and repair shearing equipment)
    • identifying sheep with specific characteristics, such as black spots, as requested by the wool classer

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