Becoming a Telecommunications Field Engineer
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Becoming a Telecommunications Field Engineer

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Plans, designs, commissions and monitors complex telecommunications networks and associated equipment, provides technical advice and information, and identifies complex problems and initiates action to resolve them.
Training time 1 year
Average pay $85,460
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 200

What does a Telecommunications Field Engineer do?

  • installing, maintaining, repairing and diagnosing malfunctions of microwave, telemetry, multiplexing, satellite and other radio and electromagnetic wave communication systems
  • configuring and integrating network and telecommunications technology with computer software, hardware, desktops, peripherals, databases and operating systems
  • developing and recording logs of the details, locations and status of inventories, parts, equipment and instruments and maintaining the documentation of communication policies, procedures, guidelines and regulations, and quality standards
  • providing technical advice and information, and monitoring the performance of complex telecommunications networks and equipment
  • planning the development of customer access telecommunications network infrastructure
  • liaising with vendors, suppliers, service providers and external resources and monitoring contractual obligations and performance delivery

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