Becoming an Agricultural Technician
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Becoming an Agricultural Technician

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Also known as Agricultural Technical Officer.
Performs tests and experiments, and provides technical support to assist Agricultural Scientists in areas such as research, production, servicing and marketing.
Training time 1 - 2 years
Average pay $54,982
Employment prospects Poor
Employment size 300

What does an Agricultural Technician do?

  • examining topographical, physical and soil characteristics of farmland to determine its most effective use and identify nutrient deficiencies
  • assisting in developing new methods of planting, fertilising, harvesting and processing crops to achieve optimum land usage
  • identifying pathogenic micro-organisms and insects, parasites, fungi and weeds harmful to crops and livestock, and assisting in devising methods of control
  • analysing produce to set and maintain standards of quality
  • inspecting livestock to gauge the effectiveness of feed formulae
  • assisting in controlled breeding experiments to develop improved crop and livestock strains
  • arranging the supply of drugs, vaccines and other chemicals to Farmers and Farm Managers, and giving advice on their use
  • collecting and collating data for research
  • planning slaughtering, harvesting and other aspects of production processes


  • Agriculture Laboratory Technician
  • Artificial Insemination Technical Officer
  • Dairy Technician
  • Field Crop Technical Officer
  • Herd Tester
  • Horticultural Technical Officer
  • Poultry Technical Officer

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