Becoming a Welfare Worker
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Becoming a Welfare Worker

Help & advice

Also known as Welfare Case Worker.
Assists individuals, families and groups with social, emotional or financial difficulties to improve quality of life, by educating and supporting them and working towards change in their social environment.
Training time 12 months - 2 years
Average pay $53,489
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 6,000

How do I become a Welfare Worker in Victoria?

To work as a Welfare Worker in Victoria, you'll need:

    One of the following

  • A Diploma of Community Services (Alcohol, other drugs and mental health)
  • A Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • A Diploma of Mental Health
  • Recommended

  • A Certificate IV in Community Services
  • Volunteer work at an organisation related to your field of interest

What does a Welfare Worker do?

  • Researches and analyses community issues, needs and problems
  • Develops, evaluates and maintains community resources and programs
  • Evaluates data and writes reports such as submissions requesting funding for continuing programs and new projects
  • Identifies issues of local need, concerns and aspirations through community consultation
  • Organises local sporting, cultural and recreational events and activities such as community functions, hobby classes, community arts projects and sporting competitions
  • Provides support while exploring alternatives with clients who experience difficulties such as marital problems, unemployment, illness and drug abuse
  • Assesses risks and provides intensive short-term crisis counselling for victims of domestic violence, child abuse, disasters and other crises