Becoming a Social Professional (other)
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Becoming a Social Professional (other)

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Also known as Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Criminologist, Ethnographer, Geographer, Heritage Consultant, Linguist, Parole Board Member, Political Scientist, Prehistorian, Sociologist, Transport Analyst.
This occupation group covers Social Professionals not elsewhere classified.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $69,797
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 4,300

What does a Social Professional (other) do?

  • assembling historical data by consulting sources of information such as historical indexes and catalogues, archives, court records, diaries, newspaper files and other materials
  • organising, authenticating, evaluating and interpreting historical, political, sociological, anthropological and linguistic data
  • undertaking historical and cultural research into human activity, and preparing and presenting research findings
  • providing simultaneous and consecutive verbal or signed renditions of speeches into another language
  • rendering the meaning and feeling of what is said and signed into another language in the appropriate register and style in a range of settings such as courts, hospitals, schools, workplaces and conferences
  • studying original texts and transcripts of recorded spoken material to comprehend subject matter and translating them into another language