Becoming a Telecommunications Network Engineer
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Becoming a Telecommunications Network Engineer

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Also known as Communications Consultant, Communications Specialist (ICT), Telecommunications Consultant, Telecommunications Specialist.
Plans, designs, and monitors complex telecommunications networks and associated broadcasting equipment.
Training time 1.5 years
Average pay $103,331
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 3,000

What does a Telecommunications Network Engineer do?

  • planning, designing, building, configuring and commissioning telecommunications devices, networks and systems, such as voice, radio, two-way, data, microwave, satellite and digital data systems, and ensuring telecommunications systems interconnect with equipment from different manufacturers, service providers and users
  • compiling engineering project proposals to define goals, identify scope, background and need, and ascertain cost of equipment, parts and services
  • evaluating and procuring new products and services from vendors
  • ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures in the provision of telecommunications systems
  • selecting and developing new telecommunications sites by locating sites, filing documents, drawing up documents for approval, drafting construction drawings and following through to approval
  • determining appropriate configurations of telecommunications hardware and software, ensuring desired performance of telecommunications equipment
  • preparing and interpreting specifications, drawings and regulations for the use of telecommunications equipment
  • determining the type and arrangement of circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines and equipment
  • identifying and analysing problems and needs of existing telecommunications systems, such as interference, intelligibility and clarity, to determine the most appropriate means of reducing, eliminating and avoiding current and future problems and improve communications
  • monitoring telecommunications systems to assess need for updates, upgrades, enhancements, preventive maintenance and new systems

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