Becoming a Human Resource Manager
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Becoming a Human Resource Manager

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Also known as Personnel and Employee Relations Manager.
Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the human resource and workplace relations activities within an organisation.
Training time 9 months - 1 year
Average pay $116,554
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 15,600

What does a Human Resource Manager do?

  • determining, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating human resource management strategies, policies and plans to meet business needs
  • advising and assisting other Managers in applying sound recruitment and selection practices, and appropriate induction, training and development programs
  • developing and implementing performance management systems to plan, appraise and improve individual and team performance
  • representing the organisation in negotiations with unions and employees to determine remuneration and other conditions of employment
  • developing and implementing occupational health and safety programs and equal employment opportunity programs, and ensuring compliance with related statutory requirements
  • overseeing the application of redundancy and other employee retrenchment policies
  • monitoring employment costs and productivity levels


  • Occupational Health and Safety Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Workplace Relations Manager

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