Becoming a Developer Programmer
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Becoming a Developer Programmer

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Also known as Applications Developer, ICT Developer, ICT Programmer.
Interprets specifications, technical designs and flow charts, builds, maintains and modifies the code for software applications, constructs technical specifications from a business functional model, and tests and writes technical documentation.
Training time 6 months - 2 years
Average pay $93,509
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 14,800

How do I become a Developer Programmer in Victoria?

To work as a Developer Programmer in Victoria, you'll need:

    One of the following qualifications

  • A Certificate IV in Programming
  • A Diploma of Software Development
  • An Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development
  • Strong and diverse programming language skills
  • Recommended

  • Completion of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or equivalent
  • Contributions to open source programs
  • Personal projects that demonstrate passion and aptitude
  • Work experience as a software tester

What does a Developer Programmer do?

  • Researches, consults, analyses and evaluates system program needs
  • Identifies technology limitations and deficiencies in existing systems and associated processes, procedures and methods
  • Tests, debugs, diagnoses and corrects errors and faults in an application's programming language within established testing protocols, guidelines and quality standards to ensure programs and applications perform to specification
  • Writes and maintains program code to meet system requirements, system designs and technical specifications in accordance with quality accredited standards
  • Writes, updates and maintains technical programs, end user documentation and operational procedures


  • Communications Programmer (Systems)
  • Database Developer
  • Database Programmer (Systems)
  • Network Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Programmer

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