Becoming a Flying Instructor
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Becoming a Flying Instructor

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Teaches the theory and practical skills of flying aircraft. Registration or licensing is required.
Training time 16 weeks - 1 year
Average pay $68,725
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 200

What does a Flying Instructor do?

  • preparing and submitting flight plans giving consideration to factors such as weather conditions and aircraft performance
  • flying aircraft in accordance with established air traffic control and aircraft operating procedures
  • providing flight information for flight crews and air traffic services staff
  • controlling aircraft movements, and directing aircraft taxiing, take-offs and landings by radio
  • providing pre-flight briefings and aeronautical information services
  • completing cockpit preparations and external inspections to determine that aircraft are acceptable for flight
  • monitoring aircraft performance and reporting on mechanical condition


  • Gliding Pilot Instructor
  • Helicopter Pilot Instructor

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