Becoming a Financial Investment Manager
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Becoming a Financial Investment Manager

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Also known as Portfolio Manager.
Invests and manages sums of money and assets on behalf of others over an agreed period of time, in order to generate income and profit. Registration or licensing may be required.
Training time 1 year
Average pay $303,975
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 2,800

What does a Financial Investment Manager do?

  • interviewing prospective clients to determine financial status and objectives, discussing financial options and developing financial plans and investment strategies
  • monitoring investment performance, and reviewing and revising investment plans based on modified needs and changes in markets
  • recommending and arranging insurance cover for clients
  • arranging to buy and sell stocks and bonds for clients
  • advising on investment strategies, sources of funds and the distribution of earnings
  • setting financial objectives, and developing and implementing strategies for achieving the financial objectives
  • managing funds raised from personal superannuation savings policies and unit trusts
  • assisting in meeting superannuation compliance requirements
  • directing the collection of financial, accounting and investment information and the preparation of budgets, reports, forecasts and statutory returns


  • Superannuation Funds Manager
  • Unit Trust Manager

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