Becoming a Stockbroking Dealer
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Becoming a Stockbroking Dealer

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Also known as Sharebroker, Stockbroker.
Buys and sells stocks and bonds on behalf of clients. Registration or licensing is required.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $260,194
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 3,600

What does a Stockbroking Dealer do?

  • obtaining information on securities, market conditions, government regulations and financial circumstances of clients
  • interpreting data from securities reports, financial periodicals and stock-quotation viewer screens
  • analysing financial markets and financial market products
  • providing information and offering advice on financial market matters, market conditions and the history and prospects of corporations
  • executing buy and sell orders in the market place on behalf of clients
  • relaying trade information to clients such as the number of contracts bought and sold and the price
  • monitoring futures prices and market changes, and bidding for commodity futures contracts
  • recording and transmitting buy and sell orders


  • Trading Floor Operator (Stock Exchange)

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