Becoming a Stage Manager
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Becoming a Stage Manager

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Plans, organises, supervises and coordinates the activities of workers responsible for placing sets and properties, and operating lighting and sound equipment as part of film, television or stage productions.
Training time 11 months - 1 year
Average pay $58,240
Employment prospects Poor
Employment size 200

What does a Stage Manager do?

  • studying scripts and scenarios to determine theme and setting
  • assessing locations and staging requirements for productions in association with specialist designers
  • overseeing creative aspects of film, television, radio and stage productions
  • determining lighting, film, shutter angles, filter factors, camera distance, depth of field and focus, angles of view and other variables to achieve desired mood and effect
  • viewing film and video tape to evaluate and select scenes and determine which scenes need to be re-shot
  • planning and organising the preparation and presentation of programs
  • supervising the positioning of scenery, props and lighting and sound equipment
  • assessing technical requirements of productions by studying scripts and discussing program content, set locations and stage directions with production team

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