Becoming an Artistic Director
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Becoming an Artistic Director

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Determines and oversees implementation of artistic policies for a performing arts organisation such as a theatre company, dance company, music ensemble, festival or venue.
Training time 12 months - 2 years
Average pay $79,878
Employment prospects Poor
Employment size 100

What does an Artistic Director do?

  • managing artistic and media productions to meet quality, cost and timing specifications
  • formulating and developing organisations' artistic policies and selecting and planning organisations' artistic programs
  • hiring and managing artistic staff
  • controlling the use of media production facilities such as studios and editing equipment, stage and film equipment and rehearsal time
  • directing the formulation of media production strategies, policies and plans
  • introducing programs, music, entertainment items, guests and celebrities
  • preparing and reading news bulletins, making special announcements and providing commentary for sports and other events
  • presenting opinions on sports, politics, and social and economic matters

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