Becoming a Pastrycook's Assistant
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Becoming a Pastrycook's Assistant

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Assists a Pastrycook by performing routine tasks in the kitchen such as preparing ingredients, and cleaning and storing equipment.
Training time 12 - 24 months
Average pay $29,518
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 1,200

What does a Pastrycook's Assistant do?

  • gathering food ingredients in preparation for cooking and serving
  • gathering pots and pans in preparation for cooking food ingredients
  • weighing and measuring ingredients
  • washing, peeling, cutting, slicing and dicing ingredients for cooking and serving
  • cutting and grinding meat, poultry and seafood in preparation for cooking
  • removing cooked food from ovens and food warmers
  • washing work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes and silverware
  • storing food supplies, equipment, utensils, dishes and silverware in refrigerators, cupboards, pantries and other storage areas


  • Bakery Assistant

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