Becoming a Horticultural Nursery Assistant
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Becoming a Horticultural Nursery Assistant

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Also known as Nursery Hand (Horticulture).
Assists in propagating, cultivating and harvesting plants in a horticultural nursery.
Training time 2 weeks - 40 months
Average pay $33,681
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 1,900

What does a Horticultural Nursery Assistant do?

  • loading, unloading and moving garden supplies and equipment
  • preparing garden sites and plots using hand tools and machines
  • assisting with planting and transplanting flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns
  • maintaining gardens by watering, weeding and mowing lawns
  • cleaning gardens and removing rubbish
  • assisting with propagating, planting and potting seeds, bulbs and cuttings
  • tending plants by hand watering and weeding
  • adjusting mist irrigation systems, shade and ventilation