Becoming a Tree Faller
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Becoming a Tree Faller

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Also known as Tree Feller.
Fells trees in forests, and trims and saws them into logs. Registration or licensing may be required.
Training time 1 year
Average pay $47,572
Employment prospects Poor
Employment size 200

What does a Tree Faller do?

  • maintaining forest roads, buildings, facilities, signs and equipment
  • killing weeds, felling and de-barking non-productive trees and thinning young plantations
  • collecting seeds, and cultivating and planting seedlings for reafforestation purposes
  • applying fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides to individual trees and general forest areas
  • maintaining look-out for fires in forests
  • removing major branches and tree tops, trimming branches and sawing trunks into logs
  • assisting with loading and transporting logs
  • planning the felling of trees and determining the natural and intended fall of each tree
  • clearing surrounding area of saplings and debris prior to tree-felling


  • Hardwood Faller
  • Softwood Faller