Becoming a Product Examiner
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Becoming a Product Examiner

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Also known as Quality Assurance Assessor, Quality Control Assessor.
Examines products to ensure conformity to specifications and standards of presentation and quality.
Training time 52 weeks - 4 years
Average pay $64,071
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 3,400

What does a Product Examiner do?

  • studying product specifications and taking measurements to determine conformity to specifications
  • examining and marking output for visible defects such as cracks, holes and breakages
  • making minor repairs and adjustments to products
  • compiling quality assurance reports, maintaining documentation and reporting findings
  • examining products for defects and grading produce
  • designating grading of produce and recording details of assessments according to classification system
  • collecting and labelling samples for inspection
  • recording details of sampling procedures and sources of samples


  • Film Examiner
  • Metal Products Viewer
  • Textile Examiner
  • Tyre Finisher and Examiner
  • Vehicle Assembly Inspector