Becoming a Concreter
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Becoming a Concreter

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Also known as Concrete Worker.
Pours, spreads, smoothes and finishes concrete for structures such as floors, stairs, ramps, footpaths and bridges.
Training time 1 - 1.5 years
Average pay $61,989
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 9,400

What does a Concreter do?

  • erecting concrete form work and laying steel reinforcing
  • pouring, spreading and levelling concrete using screeds and templates
  • tamping, smoothing, shaping and sealing concrete
  • operating trowelling machines to float, trowel and polish concrete surfaces
  • forming expansion joints and edges using edging tools, jointers and straight edges
  • installing fixtures in concrete such as anchor bolts, steel plates and door sills
  • wetting concrete and rubbing with abrasives to finish vertical surfaces
  • covering concrete with plastic sheeting and sand to cure it
  • cutting lines in concrete using power cutters

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