Becoming a Laundry Worker (General)
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Becoming a Laundry Worker (General)

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Sorts, cleans, irons, folds and packages linen, clothing and other garments in a commercial laundry.
Training time 6 months - 31 weeks
Average pay $34,423
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 3,100

What does a Laundry Worker (General) do?

  • sorting articles for cleaning according to the type, colour, fabric and cleaning treatment required
  • placing sorted articles into receptacles and onto conveyor belts for moving to repair and cleaning areas
  • checking and removing stains from garments, and replacing buttons and making minor repairs
  • loading and unloading washing machines, driers and extractors
  • adding cleaning agents and starches to articles
  • smoothing articles and guiding them through cleaning and pressing machines
  • stopping and starting machines to untangle, straighten and remove articles
  • ironing and pressing clean articles
  • placing articles on shelves and hanging articles for delivery and collection


  • Folding Machine Operator
  • Linen Sorter

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