Becoming an Industrial Spraypainter
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Becoming an Industrial Spraypainter

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Operates spray painting equipment to paint and apply other industrial coatings to manufactured items.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $68,521
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 1,600

What does an Industrial Spraypainter do?

  • grinding, sanding and cleaning surfaces of items to be painted
  • loading paint, oil, lacquer, varnish and rustproofing agents into spray equipment
  • connecting hoses to spray equipment and adjusting spray nozzles to required pressure
  • securing items to be sprayed within spray booths or placing them onto conveyors
  • directing spray guns to apply even coatings
  • moving items to drying areas and stacking them for further painting and packaging
  • starting and monitoring extractor and drying fans, and heaters
  • cleaning nozzles, containers and hoses of equipment
  • may operate paint dipping baths


  • Powder Coater
  • Rust Proofer

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