Becoming a Train Examiner
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Becoming a Train Examiner

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Inspects rolling stock in railway yards, terminals and stations to ensure adherence to safety standards and operational rules and regulations.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $99,930
Employment prospects Poor
Employment size 100

What does a Train Examiner do?

  • searching aircraft, vehicles, premises and people, and checking documents and goods to detect illegal activities such as undocumented cargo, prohibited goods and illegal aliens
  • examining and assessing visas and residency applications
  • testing applicants' ability to operate a motor vehicle, assessing applicants' suitability to hold learner's permits and probationary licences, and issuing learner's permits and probationary licences
  • identifying pest and weed problems and determining treatments and management
  • assessing claims for government benefits
  • carrying out random checks of taxation documents to detect non-compliance with taxation legislation
  • conducting visual checks of the mechanical, structural, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems of railway wagons, carriages and locomotives for condition and correct classification
  • ensuring that train, tram and bus services are provided according to schedule, monitoring the cleanliness, presentation and condition of vehicles, and recommending improvements and changes to services


  • Locomotive Inspector

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