Becoming a Human Resource Clerk
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Becoming a Human Resource Clerk

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Also known as Employment Office Clerk, Human Resources Records Clerk, Personnel Records Clerk.
Maintains and updates personnel records such as information on transfers and promotions, employee leave taken and accumulated, salaries, superannuation and taxation, qualifications and training.
Training time 6 months - 1 year
Average pay $51,302
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 2,700

What does a Human Resource Clerk do?

  • updating information on leave taken and accumulated, employment history, salaries, superannuation and taxation, qualifications and training
  • raising records for newly appointed workers and checking records for completeness
  • processing applications for employment and promotions and advising applicants of results
  • receiving and answering inquiries about employment entitlements and conditions
  • sending out announcements of job openings and job examinations
  • issuing job application forms
  • compiling data from personnel records and preparing reports


  • Psychological Examiner (Army)
  • Roster Clerk

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