Becoming a Law Clerk
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Becoming a Law Clerk

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Also known as Legal Clerk.
Performs specialised clerical work associated with legal practice and law courts.
Training time 6 months - 1 year
Average pay $52,368
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 4,100

What does a Law Clerk do?

  • listing actions for hearing and processing documentation for court actions
  • documenting details of court proceedings, actions and decisions
  • enforcing the law as an officer of the court by executing court orders such as eviction notices
  • serving legal orders and documents such as summonses and subpoenas
  • organising jury and witness lists, and summonsing and swearing in juries and witnesses
  • maintaining order in court and hearing rooms and adjacent areas
  • assisting Solicitors in areas of conveyancing, contracts, common law, probate and other legal practice matters
  • satisfying statutory requirements, establishing beneficial entitlements and distributing assets