Becoming a Call or Contact Centre Team Leader
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Becoming a Call or Contact Centre Team Leader

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Also known as Call Centre Supervisor, Contact Centre Supervisor.
Oversees and determines work requirements, monitors telephone calls, coaches and allocates duties to Call or Contact Centre Operators.
Training time 8 months - 2 years
Average pay $64,771
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 600

What does a Call or Contact Centre Team Leader do?

  • answering incoming calls, emails and messages, and assisting customers with their specific inquiries
  • identifying requirements and recording information into computer systems
  • coaching staff and assisting call centre operators to resolve problems and customer inquiries
  • developing rosters and managing staff numbers to meet work flows
  • listening to calls conducted by call centre operators and providing performance feedback
  • monitoring and timing calls
  • creating further interest in goods and services by offering customers more information about goods and inviting customers to use services on offer
  • updating databases to reflect changes to the status of customers and prospective customers
  • arranging the despatch of goods, information kits and brochures to customers and interested parties
  • undertaking clerical duties, such as faxing, and filling out paperwork, and liaising with other departments associated with completing the customer contact


  • Call or Contact Centre Coach
  • Call or Contact Centre Workforce Planner

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