Becoming a Life Science Technician
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Becoming a Life Science Technician

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Also known as Life Science Technical Officer.
Identifies and collects living organisms and conducts field and laboratory studies in support of Life Scientists or Environmental Scientists.
Training time - No data available -
Average pay $48,372
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 800

What does a Life Science Technician do?

  • preparing materials for experimentation such as freezing and slicing specimens and mixing chemicals
  • collecting information and samples
  • conducting field and laboratory experiments, tests and analyses
  • presenting results in graphic and written form by preparing maps, charts, sketches, diagrams and reports
  • performing routine mathematical calculations, and computations of measurements
  • controlling the quality and quantity of laboratory supplies by testing samples and monitoring usage
  • checking, calibrating and maintaining test equipment
  • participating in fabricating, installing and modifying equipment to ensure that critical standards are met


  • Biological Technical Officer
  • Botanical Technical Officer
  • Ecological Technical Officer
  • Environmental Technical Officer
  • Fisheries Technical Officer
  • Forestry Technical Officer
  • Wood Technologist
  • Zoology Technical Officer

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