Stephanie: childcare worker, Morwell
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Stephanie: childcare worker, Morwell

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Child care worker, Stephanie Dalton 

From motherhood to career

If you ask Stephanie Dalton what makes a good childcare worker, she doesn’t have to stop and think about it.

“Patience!” she laughs. Stephanie manages a room of infants aged between 18 months and three years, at Gunai Lidi Day Care Centre in Morwell, which provides childcare and holiday programs geared specifically for Indigenous children. Used to caring for three-to-five year olds, she found the younger ones a challenge at first, but she loves it.

“That was a big change; I really had to learn patience with the toddlers, because the older ones listen more – but the staff who have been here longer have really helped me along.”

Stephanie says a typical day’s work for her is similar to that of any mother – changing nappies, preparing toddlers for naps, organising their meals, cleaning up afterwards, helping them learn.

She first started studying childcare because she was interested in finding out more about the developmental stages her own children were going through. Although she has learned a lot doing her Certificate III and Diploma in Children’s Services, she says you really learn the most on the job.

And what’s the best thing about being a childcare worker? Again, Stephanie doesn’t hesitate.

“Seeing them happy; that’s the best thing – happy, healthy and enjoying coming to daycare.”

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