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Ben Dubberley wiring a house with employer, Jack Diamond 

Pre-apprenticeships a great head-start

Ben Dubberley’s Dad is a builder, so Ben got to see all the trades from an early age. Doing a pre-apprenticeship at school helped him decide that electrician was the right job for him.

“One of my friends at school was doing a pre-apprenticeship and I thought I’d go and see what it was like. I picked electrician because he was doing it, but once I started it I loved it, so I kept going.”

Ben did his pre-apprenticeship one afternoon a week at the Gordon Institute of TAFE during Years 10 and 11. As part of the training, he also did work placements with a qualified electrician, Jack Diamond, who is a family friend.

Ben did really well, so Jack offered him an apprenticeship and Ben started as soon as he finished Year 12.

Now a second-year apprentice, Ben’s installing everything from phones to televisions, airconditioning and solar panels.

“I like the idea that you get a heap of things out of boxes, connect them all together and suddenly it all works.”

Jack reckons the pre-apprenticeship training gave Ben a good head-start.

“When Ben started, he knew a lot more than other kids I’ve put on. Now if I want to put on an apprentice, I look at someone who’s doing a pre-apprenticeship first.”

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