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Apprentice, Jake Worthington, and employer, Paul Beck, inspecting an engine in the workshop 

If at first you don’t succeed…

Jake Worthington always wanted to be a motor-mechanic, so when he got an apprenticeship halfway through Year 10 he was thrilled.

But things didn’t work out in the new workplace and he left after a few months.

Jake didn’t let that stop him. He kept up his TAFE training during the six months he was unemployed and he and his parents kept looking for a new employer.

When Paul Beck, the owner of Berwick Auto Electrics and Mechanical, heard about him through a family friend, he liked Jake’s commitment.

He offered Jake a trial and, as Jake performed well, soon offered him an apprenticeship. Today, Jake is thriving and Paul reckons he’s an ideal apprentice because he asks questions and is eager to learn.

Jake’s story is a great example of how parents can support their children on their career pathway. Encouraging them to take a setback in their stride and keep going can really help.

After all, it was the fact that Jake kept going with his training that made him an attractive proposition for his new employer.

And don’t underestimate how many potential employers you can reach by putting the word out through your social networks – that’s how Jake’s new employer heard about him.

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