Mature-age training
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Mature-age training

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Donna Tomlinson sitting at her desk 

Training is for all ages

“I was nervous about going back to study, but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done,” says 41-year-old business and marketing student Donna Tomlinson.

Donna had worked in office administration roles for 20 years, ever since she left school after completing Year 11. She came to feel that a lack of qualifications and skills was holding her back, both professionally and personally.

She researched courses on training provider and university websites and eventually chose Box Hill TAFE. Donna has now completed a Certificate IV and Diploma of Business, is finishing her Diploma of Marketing and is even considering university.

It wasn’t easy giving up a full-time wage for full-time study on Austudy supplemented by part-time work, but Donna says she was also worried about sitting in a classroom with a group of 18-year-olds.

“I felt a bit silly about going back to education, but it wasn’t an issue. There were other girls my age there and the teachers were just fantastic – they’re there to help and they really make you feel at ease.”

Her new part-time job as reservations coordinator for celebrity chef George Colombaris’s restaurants will bring her closer to her dream of creating her own organic food business.

“So many doors have opened since I started,” she says. “It’s been so beneficial in my life.”

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