Loanne: building designer, Altona
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Loanne: building designer, Altona

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Loanne Tran checking building designs on her computer 

Creativity and construction

Currently completing the final year of an Advanced Diploma in Building Design and Architecture at Victoria University, Loanne Tran is already working for a designer, drafting commercial and residential buildings. As a fully qualified building designer, she will be able to do much the same design work as an architect, but on a more limited scale.

She says her work has two distinct stages.

“The first is more creative; it’s about getting the design right to gain the client’s approval. After meeting the client, my employer gives me his drafting designs and I combine them on computer and make it look polished so he can present it to the client.

“The second stage is planning and construction and that’s when reality hits – you’re giving your drawings to the builder to build your project. From this point on it’s all about construction; you really have to know how things connect together.”

Loanne says the biggest challenge of her work has been earning respect in a still male-dominated industry.

“To be a female in the trade industry is really challenging, because tradies will often underestimate your abilities – but you just have to prove that you know all the structural work and Australian regulations needed in the job.”

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