Josh: refrigeration and airconditioning technician, Springvale
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Josh: refrigeration and airconditioning technician, Springvale

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Josh Whiting adjusting a vice at his workbench 

Fridge fixers get warm reception

Imagine a restaurant’s refrigeration system has just broken down - with $10,000 worth of perishable stock inside and the temperature rising - and you’ll understand why Josh Whiting says refrigeration and airconditioning technicians get treated like heroes.

“When you arrive they’re very happy to see someone who is going to get them out of the problem. That’s what I really enjoy about it.”

Josh’s job with Frostline Refrigeration involves the diagnosis, repair, maintenance and, occasionally, installation of refrigeration systems in commercial applications – “restaurants, hospitals, golf clubs – all kinds of places.”

He works mainly regular business hours, but every five weeks when he’s rostered on call it’s a different matter.

“When you’re on call, you’re on call 24-7. You often need to be able to come up with solutions by yourself, on the spot, with no assistance, even by phone, because it could be three o’clock in the morning.”

Josh cautions that the apprenticeship’s course-work is heavy on physics, thermodynamics and mathematics in particular, but says the financial and personal rewards are substantial.

“It’s a very lucrative industry because if something goes wrong it has to be fixed immediately, regardless of cost. You’re the hero, but there’s also a lot of onus placed on you to get the job done.”

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