John: gasfitter, Sunshine
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John: gasfitter, Sunshine

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John Pham standing on a roof, wearing a safety harness 

A fitting job

Gas pipes may be ‘out of sight-out of mind’ but, as gasfitter John Pham points out, if they’re not fitted properly you’re going to know about it.

“You learn how to make sure your connections are 100% spot on in your apprenticeship,” he says. “If you didn’t tighten up your connection to something like a heater, it could let out a flow of gas and when the customer turns on the heater that ignition spark could cause an explosion.”

John has recently finished his apprenticeship and is now a fully qualified gasfitter with Tonna Heating and Cooling in Sunshine.

“We do everything: brand new installations in existing homes or builder’s display homes, renovations and some commercial jobs here and there.”

He says the variety and the daily challenges are the most satisfying aspects of his work.

“Every day is different. Sometimes you get an easy gas run; sometimes you get a difficult one and it will take a while to figure out how to run it all neatly and clip it to regulations and how the consumer wants it.”

And while a gasfitter’s work may be hidden behind walls, John says it’s a good feeling to know he’s done a great job.

“I’m proud of my work,” he says.

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