Jake: cabinetmaker, Sunshine
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Jake: cabinetmaker, Sunshine

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Jake Russell in the factory 

Cabinet maker: a great trade

Jake Russell says attention to detail and pride in your work are the most important qualities for a cabinet maker.

“I was trained to really search hard for any flaws that needed fixing before I sent anything out. You’re sending something out there in the world with your name on it, so you want it to be good.”

Jake first got the bug for his trade making solid timber furniture in his high school woodwork class. He then did a pre-apprenticeship with Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, to see if he liked it enough to do it as a job.

He did like it enough, so once he completed his pre-apprenticeship he got himself an apprenticeship and now he’s almost fully qualified.

Jake works for Metcomm, a manufacturing, importing and joinery company specialising in commercial business furniture.

As well as making furniture in the workshop, he enjoys going to the clients to do installations, sometimes whole floors at a time.

Jake mainly works with hand tools, but he’s keen to master some of the more complex mass production machinery. He says his workplace has been a great place to learn his trade.

“The blokes I work with give me a step by step run-through of anything new, or tell me to ask them if I have any problems; they’re really helpful.”

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