Getting the right apprentice
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Getting the right apprentice

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Electrician, Jack Diamond and apprentice, Ben Dubberley, wiring a house 

Apprentices with a head start

“If I want to put on an apprentice, I’ll look at someone who’s doing a pre-apprenticeship first,” says electrician Jack Diamond.

His current apprentice, Ben Dubberley, was doing a pre-apprenticeship at school when he first came to work with Jack.

He asked Jack, an old family friend, if he could do his work placement with him and got to work with him for a few weeks in Years 10 and 11.

The placement not only gave Ben a chance to see if being an electrician was the job for him (it was), it also gave Jack a chance to see if Ben was motivated and had the right attitude (he was and he did).

When Ben finished Year 12, Jack offered him an apprenticeship, confident Ben would see it through. Now in his second year, Ben is shaping up to be a fine electrician.

Jack and Ben both reckon pre-apprenticeships are a great system. Ben loved the mix of formal training at Gordon Institute of TAFE and practical work with Jack.

Jack says, thanks to pre-apprenticeships, his apprentices already have some knowledge and hand skills when they start, so he’s not spending the first three months teaching them the basics.

“It’s definitely a good grounding to start with. I’d recommend pre-apprenticeships to anyone.”

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