Fabian: joiner, Southbank
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Fabian: joiner, Southbank

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Fabian Guseli checking his work 

Get involved; be a joiner!

Joiner Fabian Guseli says learning his trade has been an awesome experience, right from the beginning of his apprenticeship when he got to work on Australia’s most extravagantly designed gaming room, at Crown Casino.

“I hadn’t seen 90% of the materials before and suddenly we were working with them and coming up with some pretty impressive details under the hands of some very qualified tradesmen. It was an unbelievable experience getting to learn so many things so quickly.”

Now fully qualified, Fabian believes an eye for detail is essential for a good joiner.

“Joiners create detailed timber frameworks, cabinets, various types of doors and windows; all with precise details and workmanship - we’re talking to the quarter of a millimetre. You need to enjoy being very focused on the job at hand and taking it seriously.”

He says versatility and good people skills are also important, as you can find yourself doing everything from cement laying to tiling and need to work with a range of tradespeople to get the job done.

Fabian’s work with construction company Schiavello on major commercial projects is taking a more managerial focus, but he also hopes to do more residential work in the future, including building his own home. He says the variety the trade offers is fantastic.

“Joinery is a career option that allows you to branch out in a number of ways: it’s great.”

Sept 2012: Congratulations Fabian on taking the Bronze medal in Joinery at the WorldSkills Australia National Competition!

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