Dalal: vocational education teacher, Broadmeadows
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Dalal: vocational education teacher, Broadmeadows

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Vocational Education Teacher, Dalal Hanna 

Vocational education teaching: a great option

Dalal Hanna used to be a student at Kangan Institute’s Broadmeadows campus, but now she’s a vocational education teacher there instead.

“I teach Information Communication Technology; it’s all about how to build the network – how to send information from one computer to another,” she explains.

Employed as a casual sessional teacher, Dalal teaches 11 hours a week, split over two days.

She says teaching is not only satisfying, it also helps her with the Bachelor of Information Technology she is studying at Latrobe University.

“I really love the relationship with the students. If they’re struggling to do an activity, like troubleshooting a network, it’s satisfying to help them, but I also gain knowledge for myself.”

Dalal came to Australia from Iraq and even though English is her third language, her familiarity with different languages has been an advantage in her diverse classroom.

“I have some international students in my class, all from different backgrounds. Sometimes it’s a challenge and I have to stop and ask the class, is that clear for you guys?”

Not only has teaching been great for Dalal while she completes her studies, she says she’s now considering it as a career option.

“When I finish my studies, I would perhaps like to become a full-time teacher. I enjoy it very much.”

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