Chris: electrical fitter, Ringwood
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Chris: electrical fitter, Ringwood

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Chris: electrical fitting apprentice, RingwoodFitting an art form

After finishing his VCE, Chris Kotze deferred University for a year to work out what he wanted to do. He’d been interested in electronics when he was younger, but didn’t know about the career options open to him in the industry. He decided to enrol in a pre-apprenticeship at Swinburne and soon got an apprenticeship as an electrical fitter at Medallion Electrical Services in Ringwood.

An electrical fitter builds the switchboards that distribute electricity throughout an installation. The work includes elements of manufacturing and electrical engineering. “It’s fun to challenge yourself,” says Chris. “You use measurements and maths; read and interpret drawings.”

Where electricians work with hundreds of amps, electrical fitters can design and build products involving thousands of amps. “You manufacture the switchboard then go onsite for installations and modifications. It’s an exciting job. No two switchboards are the same; cabling, wiring or tailoring a busbar.” Busbars are used in switchboards to conduct larger amounts of electrical current and Chris admits that, “Busbars are an art form.”

He believes the job is about good working relationships too. “You work in a team and you work from a base, close to home. So there’s less travel and parking issues.”

Chris is completing his apprenticeship at NMIT and thinking about doing further study in electrical engineering.

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