Elliott: apprentice electrician, Mildura
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Elliott: apprentice electrician, Mildura

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Elliott Grayling: apprentice electrician, Mildura

Balancing school and an apprenticeship is worthwhile work for Elliott

Mildura Year 12 student Elliott Grayling is having a very busy year, combining VCE with a school-based apprenticeship.

“It’s lots of work,” says the 18-year-old who is a student at Mildura Senior College. “But I think it’s worthwhile. It gives you different options.”

As well as attending school, Elliott has been a student at Sunraysia Institute of TAFE where he has undertaken a Certificate III in Electrotechnology - Electrician. As part of his apprenticeship, he also works ten hours a week at his father’s company, Grayling Electrical.

“I have been doing a school-based apprenticeship since Year 9,” explains Elliott, adding that he will soon be a fully qualified electrician. “It’s opened a lot of pathways for myself, for what I can do next.”

Elliott - who got his passion for the electrical trade from his dad - plans to go to university to study electrical engineering, but will likely work as an electrician while he studies.

He says the apprenticeship has taught him important skills like respect for the customer and responsibility.

Linda Snoxall, VET co-ordinator at Mildura Senior College, describes Elliott as “extremely driven and passionate about the energy sector. I have been at this school seven years and I have never had a student get through so much of their apprenticeship while at school,” she says, adding, “We believe he is the youngest in the state to have sat his Electrical licensing exams.”

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