Amanda: café manager, Wedderburn
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Amanda: café manager, Wedderburn

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Amanda Divola behind the counter at the cafe 

Life’s sweet in Amanda’s cafe

Amanda Divola says good communication skills are one of the best attributes a café manager can have.

“Your ability to communicate with the customers is really important. You need to be friendly and welcoming as they come in the door and make them want to come back.”

Amanda is the manager and owner of Sweets and Treats café in Wedderburn, which she opened in while doing her Certificate III in Retail at Bendigo TAFE. Amanda’s café offers coffee, cake, light lunches and catering and business is booming.

She says as well as helping her develop skills to handle all kinds of customers and situations, the training prepared her for the responsibilities of a café or restaurant manager, including the paperwork, ordering supplies, and knowing and maintaining the food handling and safety regulations.

Amanda manages a team of five and she says a good manager needs to be organised and a good team leader.

“You need to gain the staff’s respect. If you know what you’re doing, then they will trust you when it gets busy and things won’t fall apart.”

As any successful café or restaurant will get busy, Amanda says a good manager also needs passion for their work.

“I really enjoy the pressure when we’re busy. I like the challenge and it’s a great adrenaline rush.”

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