Hannah: cabinetmaker, Coburg North
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Hannah: cabinetmaker, Coburg North

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Interview with Hannah Ronacher: Talking about her job as a cabinetmaker
Hannah Ronacher standing in a warehouse in work clothes.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher standing in a warehouse in work clothes.

Graphic on screen: Cabinetmaker Hannah Ronacher Geoffrey Divko & Associates Coburg

AUDIO: Well, starting out as an apprentice, you can’t hope to jump straight into making a job. You gotta start down here and work to up here.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher and a cabinetmaker are working together at a bench.

AUDIO: So, when I first started; first couple years I was … even now like, until we got the new apprentice it was come in, clean the factory, make sure it’s all organised, make sure all the guys have everything, pack away the tools.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher is applying glue to some timber.

AUDIO: Um … Help them out with glue-ups, things like that. Tail out machines. I like focussing just on one thing.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher is inspecting and sanding some joinery.

AUDIO: Like, it’s good to just sort of do those easy tasks where you can just sit there and focus on what you’re doing. It’s good. But then it’s also good thinking. So, that’s why this field’s fantastic because you’re always thinking and reading the designs.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher is discussing work processes at a bench with cabinetmakers.

AUDIO: This particular environment, it’s important to sort of know how people operate because everyone operates differently and you sorta gotta learn to work with them. Everyone that goes into an apprenticeship sort of takes from it what they want to take from it. Um, myself; I do, I do want to do my best and I do want to reach my potential. It’s a stepping stone to being able to create what I want to create; starting up a business.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher standing in a warehouse in work clothes.

AUDIO: People then, hopefully down the track, people coming to me and I can take on an apprentice and teach them what I’ve learnt.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher feeding timber into a sander.

AUDIO: Sort of intrigued in a way, to see what type of people are drawn to the furniture that I create.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher marking timber for cutting.

AUDIO: There’s a lot of pride in the work that I do.

VIDEO: Hannah Ronacher standing in a warehouse in work clothes.

AUDIO: It’s satisfying to have something rough and being able to make it into nice fine furniture.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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